Live Appearances


Urban Land Institute: Women’s Leadership Initiative Speaker & Facilitator: “Picking Up Where ‘Lean In’ Leaves Off: The Three Tentpole Skills Women Need to Succeed” three part series

National Venture Capital Association Featured Speaker: “Professional Development & Career Management”

East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit, 2013 Speaker: “Closing The Confidence Gap: Breaking Through Your Limits”

Women For Hire Featured Speaker: Power Seminars:  “Personal Branding” & “Why Women Are Good for Business” Featured Speaker: College to Career Boot Camp: “Communications Skills, Networking & Personal Branding”

Texas Governor’s Conference for Women Moderator, featured panels: “Work/Life Balance” & “Making a Difference While Making a Living”

Veterans on Wall Street, 2012 Panelist: “The Unique Challenges of Women Veterans”

JPMorganChase Speaker: “Networking & Communication Skills”

Related Partners Bi-monthly Facilitator: “Professional Development & Management Skills” Mid-Level Managers Women’s Business Network

Oregon Department of Education Panelist: “The Employers’ Perspective on Career Readiness Preparation in Secondary & Post-secondary Schools”

Brown University Featured Speaker: “Leveraging Your Liberal Arts Education for Competitive Advantage” January Career Lab, 2013

Brown University, Women’s Launch Pad Moderator: Career Panel: “Work/Life Balance” Speaker: “Essential Career Skills for the 21st C” “Transitioning to the World of Work” Mentor Training: “How to Build Rapport, Engender Trust & Have an Impact Through Coaching Conversations”

Brown Club of New York Moderator: “Tales of Extraordinary Women,” Combined Cornell & Brown Alumnae Event Moderator: “The Fat Envelope, Please” Moderator & Speaker: “Mid-Career Transition” & “Personal Branding” Moderator & Speaker: “Career Skills: Networking & Communication”

New York University Speaker: “Professional Presence” Speaker: “Career Skills for the 21st C”

Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship: Facilitator & Speaker: Networking

American Diabetes Association: Facilitator: Manager’s leadership & team building retreat

Fort Lee, NJ Board of Education Facilitator & Speaker: Principals’ & supervisors’ leadership and team-building retreat

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