When you or your organization work with me, you get the benefit of a provocative, nimble and strategic thinker with a proven platform and laser focus that bores straight through the noise and the nonsense.

Known for my incisive yet relational style, I titrate brain-based coaching, adult learning theory, experiential teaching, savvy consulting and conscious modeling to deliver real results in real time.

Fortunately, I work with clients who understand that yesterday’s thinking can’t begin to answer the issues of today and that today’s real challenge is to anticipate and innovate our way to tomorrow.

But there’s no way to get there from here without sidestepping conformed thinking, entrenched methods and stale programs. Instead, clients recognize that the dtk difference — the value-added — comes from my bold thinking, my commitment to challenging prevailing assumptions, to calling out patterns, probing the gaps, hanging in the discomfort…all with a firm hold on their vision.

Further, every engagement, every program, every initiative under the dtkBrand is customized to reflect each client’s needs and address their unique challenges. It’s our partnering to tackle boots-on-the-ground issues while also surveying the ever-changing landscape from 10,000 feet that creates breakthrough results.

And when you engage dtkResources, you engage me and get my full end-to-end attention and support. My firm is small by design, which lets me fly below the radar, and lets me respond, innovate and catalyze without the frustration of excessive process, the weight of infrastructure or the burden of convention.